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Facebook & Bloggers Continue to Support Film!

The film has Web 2.0 appeal! Facebook events are popping up as people plan to attend the film…

The Official Event
The Thoroughbred Racing in New York Event

Plan your local event on Facebook or Upcoming

Bloggers continue to promote the Film:
Virginia Thoroughbred Blog

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NY Daily News “Must See Film”

Jerry Bossert of NY Daily News declares the film a “must see”!

Read it here.

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Brisnet Features Announcement

The Handicapper’s Edge features the announcement of the film.

“Those of us fortunate to have screened this film know how ‘The First Saturday in May’ embodies the spirit, passion and tradition of the Kentucky Derby,” CDI Vice President Dave Tompkins said. “We believe this fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the world’s most famous horse race has the potential to draw new fans to the sport and grow the popularity of the Kentucky Derby. We also hope to introduce movie goers to our new Kentucky Derby Party program, which will be promoted through the film’s trailers and screenings.”

Read it here.

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Bloggers Recommend the Film

Several bloggers recommend the film.

For me, the joys of the film were many, lying in the pleasure of familiarity and the glow of re-living favorite moments. I loved the scenes in the morning, watching horses train and hearing the trainers talk about their plans and routines. Having been a big fan of Jazil, I experienced again the thrill of watching that unbelievable run in the ’06 Wood, as he appeared from out of the left side of the screen to nearly nip Bob and John at the wire; sitting in the darkened theater, I was almost as excited as I was that nasty, cold, wet day at Aqueduct—only this time, I didn’t get to cash the ticket.
  - Teresa, Brooklyn Backstretch

There are plenty of laughs, cheers and tears in this game and the film captures it all brilliantly. Insightful behind the scenes action with the very interesting connections. Frank Amonte the former Contessa assistant stole the show, but there are many colorful characters to chose from.
  - Greg, Power Cap

Other Recommendations:
Green but Game
Something about Barbaro

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International Coverage

International Herald Tribune covers the distribution deal.

Read it here.

Herald facts:

The International Herald Tribune is a widely read English language international newspaper and is printed at 33 sites throughout the world,
for sale in more than 180 countries. Their circulation is about 250K.

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Derby Film Gets a Boost

Covered by:

CBS Sports News
National Thoroughbred Racing Association (NTRA)

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Racing and Sports Business Coverage

Several racing publications and Business First of Louisville have covered the announcement of the partnership between the Hennegan Brothers, Churchill & Truly Indie.

Business First of Louisville
The Handicappers Edge

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Variety: Truly Indie Makes Saturday Plans

Announcement in Variety.

Read it here.

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Indie Wire

Indie Wire announces the partnership between Hennegan Brothers and Churchill & Truly Indie.

Read it here.

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Newsday’s Keyboard Quarterback Researching Plane Tickets to Louisville

Why is Newsday’s Mark LaMonica researching plane tickets? In his own words:

I looked it up because I just finished watching a press screener for “The First Saturday in May,” a documentary about the Kentucky Derby, and I’m strongly considering righting the wrong of having never gone to Churchill Downs for the Triple Crown’s marquee event.

Read the rest of his review here.

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